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New Clients


Getting started with therapy can sometimes be quite anxiety provoking. Many clients are unsure of what to expect when they make an appointment to see a psychologist.

At the beginning of therapy, begins with an assessment period. This period allows us to get to know one another and helps me to get a thorough understanding of your problem(s). The assessment period usually consists of a clinical interview, and administration of questionnaires. 

Once the assessment is completed, I will talk to you about my formulation. The formulation is an explanation of how your presenting problems have come to exist and how they are maintained. From here we can discuss different treatment options and develop a treatment plan together.

Treatment varies depending on the presenting problem(s). Some clients will gain benefit from a short-term approach whereas other's may require a longer-term approach. A thorough assessment will provide me with a good idea about what will be required and how long approximately therapy will take.

As treatment progresses, I will make regular reviews of your progress, to ensure treatment goals are on track and to overcome any obstacles which may present themselves as treatment progresses.


For more information about fees and Medicare click here.  

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